Hi :)
My name is Iren, and as you may have noticed, this is the place where I'll put my thoughts for everyone to see.

I'm a freelance frontend developer with a focus on template development and customization. Being interested in user experience concepts, I like to think of people's behavior and build delightful products for humans.

When it comes to learning, I always start with fundamental concepts, as I love to understand how things work.

One of the biggest influencers on me is my physics teacher. Forcing me to dig into every detail of physical phoofs, he used to say: Don't believe anyone. Even me.

When I'm not coding, I walk, talk, and listen to music. As with everything else in my life, I like to dig deep.
So I'm passionate about figuring out the internal concepts of albums, their connections, and influences.

Author of the blog

This blog is going to have three main topics: web development, freelance, and music.
The first one is my professional sphere of knowledge, the second is my lifestyle, and the last one is my passion.

I love to share knowledge. I was working part-time as a private tutor for two years, and, during that period, I discovered an ability to explain complicated concepts in simple words.

My mission with this blog is to make things a little bit easier for those who got lost.

But why another music blog? Well, here's the thing. I like to listen to music in albums, analyze them, search for influences, read texts, and then relisten it again and again.

While working in a boring office on a tiring job, my only air was music. I used to listen up to four new albums a day by traversing across Rate Your Music charts, relistening the old ones meanwhile. I think it'll be exciting to share my thoughts on this topic.

I hope you'll enjoy reading it. :) Don't be sad if you haven't found a topic in which you're interested. The blog is small so far since it's just getting alive.